About us


We are Lauren, Caroline, and Sarabeth, the girls behind Sage Supper Club. We are a group of food and beverage obsessed friends living in Denver.  

Our favorite way to spend our time is preparing a meal together and gathering around the table with friends & kindred spirits. We also love discovering new gems in Denver’s exploding food scene.

We hope you will enjoy following along with us as we show you ideas for entertaining, cooking, dining, and just savoring life's most worthwhile moments.

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Sarabeth was raised in rural Mississippi on hospitality and fresh vegetables from her grandparents’ garden. As a teen and young adult, she had the opportunity to travel, igniting an interest in different cuisines and the cultures from which they come. 

Now she works as a Physician Assistant in Denver, where she lives with her husband, dog, and cat. She has a passion for travel, gardening, hiking in the mountains with her pup, and sharing meals & wine with family & friends. 



Sage Supper Club combines three of Caroline’s favorite things—friends, food, and photography. She grew up in the Deep South and currently lives in Denver with her husband and their pup. He’s the lead brewer at a local craft brewery, and she’s a nurse. They try and eat plant-based at home but but let’s be honest—only the strongest of us can resist brie or good sushi. When they aren’t out trying a new restaurant, they love traveling, hiking, spending quality time with friends, and exploring the mountains.

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Lauren loves all things food + wine. She works in the education + travel industry, is a certified health coach, and moonlights as a sommelier. 

Her time spent living in Italy realized her passion for good food and wine, and sharing that with those she loves. Today she lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and fluffy gray cat, Smokey Ray. She dabbles in various creative arts and loves simple evenings in the backyard, tending to her tiny garden, and time spent gathered around the dinner table.


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